Reliable, energetic and resourceful visual effect services professional with over five years of experience in the TV-Movie industry and strong dedication to quality work. Able to cultivate key client/partner relationships for resolving appointed tasks. Expertise in post-production services, time management, and creative solutions.

Digital Compositing

Compositing is the primary service that I specialised over the years. I always search for new ways to create a better and optimized workflow and photo-realistic images. I get a certain satisfaction out of that. With optimized and tidy composition, the project gets more flexible and editable which makes client, director, agency, and me happy at the end of the day.

Motion Graphics

I do love to create animations with 2D or 3D elements. My motion graphics reel consists of many works which were made for TV and Internet commercials for various brands all over the world.

Colour Correction

A firm understanding of colour theory, colour space, and colour calibration is critical as a digital compositor. Using a colour grading system like DaVinci Resolve, allows me to accomplish specific colour tasks with ease and precision.

Video Editing

My career began in video editing and I continue to use these skills, when necessary, as a VFX Artist.